Place for special occasions

The Villa Mirasasso garden is a very special garden. A space that demands feeling and care. So it is not suitable for every event, but for contents that have a feeling for nature and culture, such contents that add value to the garden and receive it from the garden.

In line with the guidelines of the Institute for the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, the picturesque environment of the garden is suitable for:

  • smaller exhibitions of selected flora and fauna,
  • photographic, painting, stonemasonry, sculptural and other art exhibitions,
  • creative and art workshops,
  • educational events,
  • receptions and banquets,
  • business meetings,
  • dedicated meetings for small closed groups that wish to socialise in a special environment (with top service and music),
  • presentations of wine and cuisine,
  • discussion evenings,
  • musical evenings of selected musical genres,
  • art dancing evenings,
  • fashion shows.

KSD, d.d., as the administrator of the garden, organizes many of these events as part of its own offer, and the garden space is also for hire for holding them.

Obtaining consent for holding events in the garden

The hiring of garden spaces for holding events is part of the spectrum of the market offer of KSD, d.d., the garden administrator. On the basis of a written request, we assess the appropriateness of the content. If it is considered to be appropriate, written consent is issued by the operator of the garden as a condition for holding the event. When the event itself is held, we reserve the right to participate in the organization with the aim of monitoring compliance with all the conditions set out.

Please contact us for more information on hiring possibilities, prices etc. We will gladly help you with the organisation.