The garden today

The botanical garden by Villa Mirasasso is not an urban park. It is a work of art of man, nature and time. So today it is a protected feature of value. It is an obligation on Sežana, a Karst landmark and a matter of national pride, worthy of considerate admiration. It is a space meant for people. Both locals and visitors. To come and marvel at what cannot be grasped in urban parks. To get to know, to understand and preserve the grandeur of nature and culture. Grandeur built for great things.

Status of Sežana Botanical Garden by Villa Mirasasso

The garden boasts invaluable cultural elements and a botanical collection of over 170 different non-native species. In view of this, the garden today has the status of:

  • garden-architectural heritage,
  • natural feature of national importance,
  • natural monument of local importance and
  • cultural monument of local importance.

Mission and vision of management of the garden

Sežana Botanical Garden at Villa Mirasasso is the property of the Municipality of Sežana. It is administered by KSP d.d. Sežana (Sežana Municipal Housing Company), whose mission and vision are:

»To manage the garden towards sustainable development, which means to preserve and protect it, to enrich it horticulturally and to improve the value of the infrastructure to the level of excellence, taking into account the Management Plan and additional guidelines of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation. To strengthen awareness of the natural and cultural importance of the garden and to promote its recognition at home and abroad. To strengthen the educational and research aspects and to work with related organizations and other relevant organizations. Carefully to promote sustainable tourism and bring carefully selected contents, small-scale, exclusive events in order to preserve its sensitive natural and cultural elements and maintain the level of its character and importance.«