Collaboration and projects

Among the many tasks of sustainable garden management is forging a variety of links for the purpose of revitalizing the garden, strengthening recognition of its identity, history, natural and cultural importance, promoting education and research, increasing individual visits and visits through guided tours, and pursuing the goal of re-establishing a boutique level.


As administrator of Sežana Botanical Garden at Villa Mirasasso, KSP, d.d. Sežana closely cooperates with:


Among the key tasks performed by KSP, d.d. Sežana, as administrator of the garden, is the preparation, tendering for and implementation of local, national and European projects.

Previous projects carried out under our own direction

  • 2016 and 2017: project of planting the garden with roses, in cooperation with The Rose Society of Slovenia and the Institute for Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Nova Gorica branch (around 500 rose plants were planted);
  • 2017: stonemasonry project of revitalization of the abandoned part of the garden, in cooperation with Srečko Kosovel Higher Vocational School Sežana, Stonemasonry Department, with the Restoration School, Marmor company, Sežana d.d. and with the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Nova Gorica branch (within the framework of a one-week stonemasonry workshop that took place in the garden itself, stone elements (stone table and benches) were made and erected);
  • 2017: photographic project Garden in a Garden, in cooperation with Srečko Kosovel Higher Vocational School, Photography Department (students successfully carried out a whole year project of photographing the garden, with a concluding exhibition in it);
  • 2017: project Plan of an economically sustainable business model for Sežana Botanical Garden, in cooperation with the Faculty of Management and Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Science and Information Technology of the University of Primorska and KonektOn, Business Services Centre, d.o.o.

Projects in which we appear as cooperating partners

  • 2016/2017: project Revitalisation work in Sežana Botanical Garden, financed by the Municipality of Sežana (we cooperated in the project in the role of administrative supervisor);
  • 2017–2020: project KRASn`KRŠ with the full title Preserving and valorising the heritage and the development of sustainable tourism in the cross-border karst landscape, which is co-financed from the programme of cooperation Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia in the period 2014-2020 (we are cooperating in the project as one of seven Slovene and Croatian partners, with the main activity setting up a Karst Vegetation Interpretation Centre – interior (phase 1));
  • 2018: project Včeraj za jutri (Yesterday for Tomorrow) in the framework of the Public Call LAS Kras and Brkini for the selection of operations for realising the aims of the Strategy of Local Development on the Territory of the Municipalities of Divača, Hrpelje-Kozina, Komen and Sežana in 2017.