Karst Gardens

Alongside the mighty underworld and the landscape of unique wonders, shaped by nature and man in harmony over millennia, the gardens of the Karst region beckon the visitor to explore surprising worlds. These are the gardens that were once designed for their own comfort by the nobility around their villas and mansions, and the gardens that people created around their simple dwellings over the centuries so that they could find the strength for survival in the poor Karst soil…

Welcome to Karst Gardens for unique experiences of wondrous worlds:

To authentic journeys that take you on a journey through space and time, in a completely original experience in each garden, to discover the pricelessness of the historical, cultural, and natural treasures and the exceptional value of each garden and of the Karst environment as a whole.

  • Botanical Garden by Villa Mirasasso, Sežana: Through the Garden by Villa Mirasasso with Myrtò Scaramangà
  • Herbal gardens Belajevi, Kačiče: With the Karst wildling Satureja to a world of spicy wonders
  • Villa Fabiani, Kobdilj – Štanjel: Historic garden of Villa Fabiani
  • Pepa’s Karst Garden, Dutovlje: Pepa's tour of the Karst
  • Herbal gardens Belajevi, Kačiče: With the Karst wildling Satureja to a world of spicy wonders

Through the Garden at Villa Mirasasso with Myrtò Scaramangà

Experience this 19th-century style garden

In 1848, on the outskirts of Sežana, in the shadow of the Tabor hill, the Trieste-based Greek merchant family Scaramangà built their summer residence Villa Mirasasso, alongside which, with their love of nature, culture and art, they landscaped a garden inspired by the then Italian bourgeois gardens. Over the centuries of ownership, three generations of Scaramangàs came and passed, the second of which was represented by Vierou-Myrtò, the only woman in the family to be the lady of the family’s Sežana property. 

It was with great sensitivity, attachment and devotion that Myrtò looked after both the villa and the garden, seeking to further enrich it with plants brought back from the world voyages of Scaramanga's ships, as well as with many architectural elements, of which the greenhouse, built in 1890 as a small copy of the Schönbrunn greenhouse in Vienna, most certainly still reigns supreme.

The “Through the Garden at Villa Mirasso with Myrtò Scaramangà" experience is a unique experience that leaves the presentation of the garden to Myrtò herself, in the style of her 19th-century outfit and stature. In this way, the story, in which the family's esquire (porter, housekeeper, and gardener) plays a role, takes you for an immersing walk through the garden, to a time long gone, to the time of the Scaramangàs, to their way of life and, above all, to their way of living and coexisting with the local environment, which still reflects the same love, affection and, most of all, dignity

The package includes:

  • experiential guided discovery tour of the garden, accompanied by Myrtò Scaramangà and her esquire
  • poetry and storytelling
  • a culinary tea party under a pergola of blooming roses or in a greenhouse amidst exotic vegetation
  • a souvenir


  • when booking for 2 persons: 130,00 € per person
  • when booking for 4 persons:   80,00 € per person
  • when booking for 6 to 8 persons:   60,00 € per person
  • when booking for 10 to 15 persons:      45,00 € per person

Opening hours: From April to October by prior arrangement.

Duration: 2,5 hours

Language of experience: Slovenian, Italian

Number of persons: 2-15 persons

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