13. Mar 2023

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MINDFUL MORNING MOVEMENT in the Botanical Garden of Sežana


… among birdsong and dew on your feet …

in the Botanical Garden by Villa Mirasasso, from April to June, every Thursday and every Saturday with free participation on 1st of April.

Connect with nature to connect with yourself…


The Botanical Garden by Villa Mirasasso has many blessings, like the healing power of the cedar trees, the magic fragrance of the roses and the mystery of past times… The most beautiful season is calling us to workship Mother Nature and the unity of our body and spirit through the mindful movement and meditation in the early morning hours of spring and summer time.

From the beginning of April till the end of June, you will have the opportunity to experience the power of morning movements, surrendered and immersed in the beauty of nature. Every Thursday before work and every Saturday for a relaxed ending of the week, element of Tai chi, Qi gong, various meditations, and other practices, will awake our natural – sensory-based awareness.

You are invited to experience a mindfully calm, but awake state of mind, which will be supported by natural gifts of this noble, city corner. Allow to the mornings to set the path of your day, learn the habits of healthy and successful people, who carry the consciousness about energy contribution of the sunrise. This can be all possible with special exercise routines for vitality, awareness, creativity and calmness, but also for prevention, regeneration and healing.

THURSDAYS OR SATURDAYS OR MIXED 15,00 € per person for single participation 
4 times participation – 10 % discount 54,00 € per person (13,50 € per participation)
8 times participation – 15 % discount 102,00 € per person (12,75 € per participation)
12 times participation – 20 % discount 144,00 € per person (12,00 € per participation)
each subsequent participation after renting 12 participations – 20 % discount 12,00 € per person per participation

All prices include 22 % VAT.

Registration and payment: Registration is not required; Advanced payment is only required for multiple participations.

More info: info@vrtsezana.si / +386 65 556 846